Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Pavilhão de Portugal-Portugal Pavilion 2015

The Pavilion of Portugal presents the ‘Aldeias’ (villages) and ‘Festas’ (festivities) of Portugal! Enjoy the unique music and lively traditional dances of our culture with performances by a guest artist. Be sure to treat yourself to our satisfying selection of seafood, including octopus, cod, and shrimp. Other favourites include chouriço sausage, bifanas (savoury pork on a bun), and our famous barbecue chicken. You’ll also want to try a cold Portuguese beer (Sagres and Super Bock), or Sumol (a popular sparkling fruit beverage). We’ll be waiting to greet you!
 For more information see http://www.folklorama.ca/find-a-pavilion/15

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